DSR Construction Co. provides services for these types of commercial construction projects:

  • New Construction
  • Mid-rise and Low-rise Buildings
  • Site Development
  • Remodeling & Renovations
  • Building Additions & Retrofits
  • Tenant Build Outs & Remodels


Pre-Construction Services
Our projects start with a preliminary conceptual budget and schedule developed as a part of our Pre-Construction Team Process. This effort includes our Client and the project Architect interacting in brain storming sessions with the Architect, providing conceptual ideas that can be priced and evaluated with the Client. We identify and focus on the Client’s goals, financial parameters, Village and City requirements, aesthetics, and timeliness.

This process also utilizes DSR Construction Co.’s extensive database of pre-qualified subcontractors and material suppliers, so we can receive key input regarding cost, product and material delivery times, options and alternatives.

Throughout this process DSR Construction Co. will modify and update the project data. This dynamic process keeps all Team members on the “same page” resulting with successfully met goals, financial control and expeditious timelines. Continuing this process, together with the Client and Architect, we focus on construction means and methods, long-term maintenance, financing requirements, long lead procurement, value engineering options and alternatives so we can pre-plan a comprehensive project which achieves the Client’s goals.

The result of this early combined effort is a fully informed Client, a project which meets the specifications and design, is within budget and can be executed in the scheduled time frame goals.

Construction Phase
The Construction Phase is flexible allowing for fast-tracked construction if desired by our Client. Fast tracking the site development and foundation portions of the project will provide an expedited project delivery within a controlled cost environment resulting in an earlier project completion. In the meantime the superstructure and interior design can proceed on course.
Progress meetings are held on a regularly scheduled basis to review cost, schedule, safety and construction logistics, resulting in open communication throughout the Team. The process of open communication results in quality construction, schedule compliance and financial control without the need for change orders.

DSR Construction Co.’s project team will conduct progress meetings with the subcontractors and suppliers focusing on safety, quality, expediting, means and methods and schedule. All of DSR Construction Co.’s Team administers this process with our custom database which integrates all phases of our business including, bidding, subcontract evaluation and award, submittals and material expediting, invoicing, change order management, daily reports, digital progress photography and project closeout.
DSR Construction Co.’s database of information can be linked directly to our Client’s computer and accessed anywhere in the United States via Internet connectivity.

Completion Phase
The most important phase of the project is the final completion phase including, coordination of equipment testing, operation and maintenance training and documentation, occupancy requirements, as-built documents and warranties.
DSR recognizes the importance of starting the completion phase long before the project’s scheduled completion and turnover date. Months prior to completion we begin our punchlist, Building Department discussions for occupancy, public utility start dates and as-built documentation. This pro-active approach combined with our knowledge and experience provides our Client’s with a smooth and prompt close and turn over of each project.

DSR Construction Co.’s expectation and goal is to earn your recommendation when we turn over your project by exceeding your expectations.